Covid-19 Cancellations

This is a shortened version of the email sent out to our members today.

Hello LITFs Members,

I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this health emergency. Unfortunately there has been no change to the governors order about gatherings. Which means we will not get to open the lot in May. We are now hoping for a start date some time in June depending on what the state will allow concerning public gatherings.

Given no choice but to cancel our May meeting and cruises, we still need member input. Below I have listed questions and concerns that I’m looking for your thoughts and opinions on.
Assuming we are allowed to reopen in June:

Will our lot helpers feel comfortable getting close to people and handling money?

Will our members, who may have health issues, even come to the lot? Will we have enough helpers if they do not?

What precautions can we take to protect our members and participants?

Should cars park next to each other or should there be an extra space between cars?

If they put limits on gatherings: We can control the number of cars that come on the lot. We can somewhat manage where they can park or how close together they can park. How would we control the number of spectators?

If you have any additional questions or concerns please let us know! So the board can address them.

I’m asking that if you know members without email or access to our website/Facebook to please pass this information along.

I realise that until we know Gov. Hogan’s plans for reopening the state there is not much we can do. However, we should try to be prepared with our own plan as best we can.

Melanie Hein

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